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Two Trees' Massive Dumbo Development Nears Completion

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Is it just us, or did the huge development formerly known as Dock Street Dumbo (now 60 Water Street) go from giant hole in the ground to giant building in no time at all? Professional construction-watcher Field Condition snapped some photos of the 290-unit building yesterday, and it looks like its very close to the finish line. Just three more floors on the 17-story tower need their glass. The market rate rentals, for which prices have not been revealed, should be hitting the market within the next few weeks, and the project, designed by LEESER Architects and Ismael Leyva Architects, will be ready for occupancy by the end of the year.

Way back when the project was first revealed, Dumbo residents cried that it would block their beloved views of the Brooklyn Bridge, and well, that happened. Buildings to the east of the project now enjoy views of a glazed blue glass facade instead of the iconic landmark. The building is also very prominent from within the park, but don't worry, the new John Street condos will eventually distract from it.

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60 Water Street

60 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201