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Buy Jackson Pollock's Charming West Village Loft for $1.25M

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The insanely cute loft where famed artist Jackson Pollock reportedly once lived—however briefly—is back on the market for the second time in two years. This time, reality TV star-slash-broker Luiz Ortiz is the one trying to find a buyer for the petite one-bedroom, which clocks in at 800 square feet, announcing his listing on Instagram yesterday. The top floor of 46 Carmine Street between Bedford and Bleecker is totally appropriate for an artist because 1) it's a walk-up with slanty ceilings and rafters, 2) creative types definitely use to chill in that area before they got priced out (tear), and 3) there's a lot of beautiful sunshine from a massive skylight. What's not as apropos for an aspiring bidder who makes a living from art? The asking price: a cool $1.25 million. 46 was apparently his lucky number, although it's a bit hazy which unit he spent time in. An added bonus for history buffs: the whole 1827-built townhouse was once owned by Vice President Aaron Burr. Yes, the one who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

Here's how broker Luis Ortiz touted the listing on Instagram.

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