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West Chelsea Building with Private Pools Will Look Like This

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A piece in the Commercial Observer reveals that developer Six Sigma has received a $29 million loan to finance its condo conversion project at 435 West 19th Street, and also reveals a rendering of the new building that we hadn't seen yet. Looks like its going to be a lot glassier than it is currently.

The most notable part of the project is that each of the nine condo units (averaging 3,333 square feet apiece) will come with its own private pool, complete with hydraulic windows that allow the pools to either be indoors or en plein air. West Chelsea luxury condo development is so crazy these days, that apparently you have go really go for it in order to stand out. And even then, you end up basically copying another super-fancy condo building that's bordering the High Line.

Six Sigma acquired 435 West 19th Street from soundstage manufacturer City Stage in August, paying $21 million.
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