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Both Critics and Visitors Love The High Line's Rugged Last Leg

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The High Line's third and final phase opened yesterday, a triumphant occasion that ended 15 years of planning and development on a high note. On social media, visitors and news outlets shared photos and videos of the new span, which stretches westward from the prior end point at 30th Street, curves around the Hudson Yards site while staying parallel the West Side Highway, and then juts back east to end, finally, at 34th Street. At the same time, architecture and urban planning critics are singing its praises: from such disparate viewpoints as Michael Kimmelman at the Times ("If the newest, last stretch of the High Line doesn't make you fall in love with New York all over again, I really don't know what to say") to Steve Cuozzo at the Post ("a beautiful but off-limits re-creation of old tracks and wildflowers of the kind that sprang up after the trains stopped running in 1980").

Vanity Fair's Paul Goldberger calls it "stunningly refreshing."

New York magazine's Justin Davidson concludes: "The park becomes more playful in its latest incarnation" even as "this whimsy is framed by the original structure's serious brawn. The most stunning features are still the riveted metal plates and tough ornamental guardrails from the 1930s."

Flickr user Archidose posted a video with this caption: "A very amateurish timelapse from 34th Street on the north to Gansevoort Street on the south." Amateurish or not, it's awesome to see the varied environments one passes from end to end.

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