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Inside the Newest Fancy Apartments to Grace Park Avenue

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The renderings of 1110 Park Avenue that came out last week were pretty enticing, but nothing compared to an actual build-out of one of the Barry Rice-designed units, located inside the Toll Brothers development's Upper East Side sales office. The model unit, with a living room, kitchen, master bath, two different powder rooms, and hallway, proudly displays a number of high end features — from the mahogany paneling, to the oak flooring, to the Christopher Peacock-designed kitchen and bathroom vanities. The smallest units in the building are the 2,850-square-foot, full-floor three bedrooms, and the largest is the 7,000-square-foot triplex penthouse, so the scale of the rooms in this model unit will exist throughout the real units, although the layout of the kitchen will vary from unit to unit. So far, two of the full floors (there are nine total apartments in the 16-story building) are in contract. The neighbors may still be upset over their lost views, but for potential (super wealthy) buyers, there's a lot here to like.

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1110 Park Avenue

1110 Park Avenue, New York, NY