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Dumbo Is Getting 25 More Condos Near Its Busy Waterfront

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Amid the New York Times' roundup of all the condo projects sprouting willy-nilly in Dumbo these days comes news of a project by Greystone. Last we checked, the building at 47 Bridge Street was just starting to rise, but now construction is up to the second floor, and plans are firmed up. It'll be a seven-story, 25-apartment building, and they will likely be condos. Per the Times: "Named Waterbridge 47, it is to include a wine cellar made of salvaged brick. Pricing has yet to be announced, but is expected to be on a par with other local developments, which range from about $1,200 to $1,500 a square foot." will be responsible for sales.

The Times also checked in on warehouse-to-condo conversion 51 Jay Street, with its 74 units behind a restored brick facade, as well as the rapidly rising 60 Water Street (formerly known as Dock Street Dumbo), which will have 290 units when it's completed.

In addition, there's an update on two former Jehovah's Witnesses sites—at 181 Front Street (aka 177) and 200 Water Street—that are also undergoing residential conversions. The former will become 105 rentals, while the latter is en route to becoming 15 condominium lofts.
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