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Behold, The Astounding Interiors of the Beekman Condo-Hotel

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At long last. The conversion of the beautiful Temple Court building on Beekman Street into a hotel, with a condo tower that will rise behind it, has been in the works for years. Onlookers have been teased and titillated by a video of the beautiful, decrepit space ripe with potential, plus exterior views and one tantalizing interior peek. But today—today a tipster sends along the first extensive look into the interiors of the hotel and condos. Plus one floorplan. And some view shots. And yes, it is impressive.

While you peruse the renders, recall that 68 condominiums will be housed in a 51-story glassy tower adjacent to the 1883-built atrium-filled beauty, which will contain 287 hotel rooms. The condos will start at $1.2 million for the 20 one-bedrooms, $2.95 million for 38 two-bedrooms, and $3.7 million for eight three-bedrooms. Apartments will range from 700 to 3,550 square feet, while the two full-floor penthouses will also have private outdoor space. Penthouse pricing has not yet been announced, so of course, those asks will be higher.

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5 Beekman Street

5 Beekman St., New York, NY 10038