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Skanska Terminates Contract for Atlantic Yards Tower B2

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The world's tallest modular tower will not be growing to its superlative height anytime soon. Construction company Skanska has called it quits at Atlantic Yards' modular tower, known as B2; the company terminated its agreement with developer Forest City Ratner. Forest City partnered with Skanska to fabricate and build the 930 steel mods that will build the 32-story tower beside the Barclays Center, but a dispute over cost overruns between the two firms has left the tower stuck at 10 stories. Skanska and Forest City traded lawsuits earlier this month, and now Skanska has walked away from the project.

In an emailed statement, Skanska USA Building Co-Chief Operating Officer Richard Kennedy said this was "an incredibly disappointing day. [...] While the B2 project certainly has its issues, we were hopeful that our client and partner would address them so we could move forward with building much-needed affordable housing in Brooklyn. But we could not continue to incur millions of dollars in extra costs with little hope that Forest City would take responsibility for fixing the significant commercial and design issues on the project."

Forest City, obviously, does not agree with Skanska. Forest City Ratner CEO MaryAnne Gilmartin released a statement saying, "We believe in modular and have worked tirelessly to get B2 back on track since Skanska blind-sided us by ceasing construction and putting 157 workers on the street last month. Skanska has responded with inaction and inertia, trying to leverage us financially by stonewalling B2's progress. These are deplorable and disappointing tactics that show remarkable indifference to the wellbeing of these workers and the project."

From the start of this dispute, both sides have blamed each other. Forest City says Skanska mismanaged the whole project, and Skanska says Forest City gave them faulty, problematic designs.

Is anyone else starting to think that the megaproject's second building, which is barely beginning, will reach the finish line before B2?
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