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After Sunnyside Rejection, Aluminaire House May Vacate NYC

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Sunnyside, Queens residents fought vigorously to stop the Aluminaire, an historic 1931 case study house that architecture critic Paul Goldberger once referred to as one of "the pivotal works of modern architecture in America," from moving into their community, and now it seems that the first-ever prefabricated aluminum house may have found a new home: Palm Springs, California. The town is the birthplace former home of one of the house's architects, Albert Frey (the other was A. Lawrence Kocher), and the mayor is trying to raise $600,000 to disassemble, transport, and reassemble the Aluminaire near the Palm Springs Art Museum. Many of Frey's works can be found in Palm Springs already, and it sounds like a much more welcoming environment overall than Sunnyside, where people shout things like "Not in my neighborhood!" at Landmarks commissioners. Although it'll be sad to see the Aluminaire go, we can take solace in the knowledge that it has found a good, loving home.
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