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Condos at Flank's Pricey 224 Mulberry Finally Hit the Market

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Flank hosted a preview event for its latest condo project, 224 Mulberry Street in Nolita, last October, and now, nearly a year later, the first units are finally on the market. Two listings are now live on StreetEasy—reps say the rest will follow—and the units live up to the promise of "unapologetically high" prices. Unit #2, the building's complete model unit, is a 4,078-square-foot 4BR/3.5BA duplex that's asking $13.25 million, or $3,249 per square foot, and unit #5, a 3,167-square-foot 3BR/3.5BA duplex is listed for $10.75 million, which works out to $3,394 per square foot. All homes have private terraces, wood-burning fireplaces, and two indoor parking spaces in a lower-level garage.

Jon Kully, co-founder of Flank, which does all design, development, and marketing in-house, previously said that they "designed [the building] as if we were in a landmark district." The facade features roman brick and cast stone and homes have huge double-hung mahogany windows with a weight and chain operation. Master bathrooms feature mosaic floors made in Turkey, and Flank worked with Smallbone to create a kitchen with dark cabinetry and upper cabinet doors that feature glass panels embedded with wire mesh. Homes have 25-foot ceilings in the living rooms, and share amenities include a gym, storage space, and a 24-hour doorman who also parks the cars.

The eight-story building was originally supposed to have seven units, but the two smallest units have now been combined into one full-floor apartment on the fourth floor. Reps for the building say that one unit sold before this official launch, but didn't specify which one. Previously, it was reported that the least expensive home was to be priced at $6.25 million, while the penthouse, a 4BR duplex on the top two floors measuring 5,646-square-feet, was going to list for around $30 million. The project should be complete early next year.

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