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High Line Area Gets Just What It Needs: 374 New Rental Units

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It's about time somebody had the bright idea to do some residential development around the High Line. The Real Deal is reporting that Long Island-based Lalezarian Properties is planning to build three rental buildings between 28th and 29th streets, just west of 10th Avenue. One building will be 35 stories, and the other two will by 13 stories each. Together, they will contain 374 rental units. Each will also contain some retail space, with the developers "envisioning a gallery space," presumably for the largest tower. The new buildings will join this building and this building and this other building and the weird looking one and a bunch of other new buildings.

On the bright side, Lalezarian has received $165 million in financing from the state Housing Finance Agency and will set aside 75 apartments as affordable housing.
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