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New Greenpoint Building Looks Like A Transformer Ate It

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Based on a tipster's photograph of a scaffolding-posted rendering, there are 13 new apartments coming to Greenpoint's Leonard Street... and they're not going to be attractive. Department of Buildings permits show that the approved development will reach 50 feet tall, with almost 20,000 square feet of residential space. Designed by architect Philip Toscano, it sort of looks like the old-school factory building that stands there now, northeast of McCarren Park, was engulfed by a dark 'n' boxy Transformer. (But wait, another one of his buildings on the rise isn't that ugly!) Plans show some duplexes, and top-floor units with terraces, as well as a communal roof deck.

Here's what it looked like in the fall of 2013, pre-addition and conversion:

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