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$25M Townhouse Owner Sues Neighbors Over Construction

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Publishing scion Dick Snyder has been unable to sell his extremely impressive $25 million East 78th Street mansion since he listed it in 2011, and he thinks he knows why. 2011 is also the year that Snyder's neighbors, Meredith (who the Post weirdly identifies in the first sentence of its article as "pretty," as if that's somehow relevant) and Bryan Verona, started renovating their mansion, and three years later the renovation is ongoing. So Snyder is suing them. The $60 million civil suit contends that "Despite the fact that the residential market has been and continues to experience tremendous demand ... not a single offer has been made to purchase the residence [as] a direct result of the defendants' construction." Keep in mind, though, that the defendant is pretty. That's important.

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120 East 78th Street

120 East 78th Street, New York, NY