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Fearless Instagrammer Records View From 432 Park's Pinnacle

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Whoa, vertigo. It's one thing for construction workers who are supposed to be atop the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere to be up there, and snap a few incredible shots of the city from 1,375 feet above the ground. It's another thing entirely for one of New York's crazy daredevil Instragrammers—@demidism a.k.a. self-described urban explorer Demid Lebedev—to scale 432 Park Avenue's pinnacle under the dark of night and capture the misty, eerie, cloud-covered views for himself. Untapped Cities first spotted the gutsy shots, which look out on supertall One57 (which looks like a midget in comparison) to the west, as well as the spires (basically at eye level, of course) of two iconic downtown skyscrapers: what looks like the Empire State Building in the foreground, and One World Trade Center. For the record, 432 Park will be 1,397 feet tall when it's complete; it can already be seen from just about anywhere in the city.

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