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Bryant Park Hotel Has the Most Boring Rendering Ever

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The above photos of a rendering posted on a fence and a piece of construction equipment were taken at 20 West 40th Street, the future site of developer Ziel Feldman's Bryant Park-adjacent, 361-foot hotel/condo tower. The project has spent a number of years in limbo — Feldman and a group of (now departed) investors bought the site out of foreclosure in 2010, and then nothing really happened for a while — but it appears to be on its way now. Prior to 2010, architect Morris Adjmi had been attached, but now he is really, really not. The rendering, presumably the work of architect of record Stonehill and Taylor Architects, is probably the most boring rendering of anything that we've ever seen. It would have been about as illustrative if someone just spray painted the word "RECTANGLE" onto the plywood.

According to Department of Buildings permits from February, the tower will contain 215 hotel rooms on floors two through 14, and 61 condos on 15 through 32. Congratulations to Midtown.
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