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First Hudson Yards Tower Careens Skyward, on Track for 2015

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The Hudson Yards megaproject has been tearing along since the beginning of the summer with the construction of the giant train-track-covering platform on which most of the towers will sit. But the first tower, 10 Hudson Yards, didn't need to wait for that platform and has been making great progress on its own. NY YIMBY has a construction update on the future home of Coach, which currently stands just shy of 20 stories. (It will eventually rise to 52 stories.)

According to YIMBY, the section of the building that cantilevers over the High Line has already been poured, and the first of its glass cladding has appeared and "appears to be of a very high quality, reflecting nearby structures without major distortion." 10 Hudson Yards' scheduled completion date is 2015, while the rest of phase one of the project is supposed to be done by 2018.

10 Hudson Yards

10 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001