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Related Plans Condo Conversion for Huge East 94th St. Rental

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Another day, another condo conversion that will probably turn into a long and dramatic saga. The Daily News reports that Related Companies will be converting the 30-story Carnegie Park rental building at 200 East 94th Street into 339 for-sale condos. According to the most recent certificate of occupancy (dated May 30, 2014), the building currently holds 368 units (it's worth pointing out that City Realty, StreetEasy, and PropertyShark all have different counts: 455, 275, and 369, respectively). The plans were recently filed with the Attorney General's office, and according to one disgruntled Yelp reviewer, tenants have known about the conversion since at least August 20.

Joel T. took to Yelp on August 20 to give Carnegie Park a one-star review (its third review, bringing its total number of stars to 2.5). The review, verbatim:

What a disaster. We have lived in this building through 3 years of constant construction including drilling, dust, torn out walls, closed garden and roof deck, broken machines in the laundry room, shut off water constantly, weeks without cooking gas, closed off lobby, toxic fumes and a large rent increase. We were told that it will all be worth it in the end because we will be living in a beautiful building. Well now that the work is nearing completion, we are informed that the building is going condo and we must buy at rediculous prices or move out. Oh, did I mention thne numerous incidents of bed bugs in other apartments? The only thing going for the building is the grat lobby staff.We'll blame the typos on his anger. Related would not comment on what prices may be. StreetEasy puts the median price for Yorkville at $825,000, but that includes a hefty amount of co-ops. As of September 1, City Realty says the average price per square foot for condos in the area is $1,131, with the median condo price coming in at $1,075,000.
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