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Central Harlem's Newest Rentals Start At $1,900/Month

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A six-story Central Harlem apartment building erected in 1928 has been remade as The Gloria by developer MKF Realty, and its 21 shiny renovated units are now on the market (the building actually has 30 units, but the other nine hold stabilized tenants). The 18 one-bedrooms range from $1,900 to $2,100 per month, while the three two-bedroom units are asking $2,900. The building is located at 9 East 118th Street, off Fifth Avenue, and all of the units were completely gutted and rebuilt with "energy-efficient insulation," new windows, hardwood floors, and new electrical and plumbing systems. They feature stainless steel appliances and marble bathrooms, and the two-bedrooms also have washer/dryers. There's also central air, but tenants have to pay an extra fee if they want it.

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