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Two More Outrageously Expensive Puck Penthouses Listed

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Jared Kushner's addition of six lavish penthouses on top of the Puck Building is looking like a success so far with the first one selling for $28 million before any of the units had even been listed publicly. Now, another of the Puck Penthouses has hit the market asking $35.1 million, and a third — the smallest of the penthouses at 4,895-square-feet and the first one to be listed back in January — has returned with its price increased from $21 million to $22 million. PHII, the more expensive of the two, has a rather interesting layout, while PHVI would be considered huge by any other standards. Meanwhile, we await the emergence of PHI, the largest Puck Penthouse, which is supposed to ask around $60 million.

· Listing: 295 Lafayette Street #PHII [Sotheby's, via Streeteasy]
· Listing: 295 Lafayette Street #PHVI [Sotheby's, via Streeteasy]
· Puck Penthouses coverage [Curbed]

Puck Penthouses

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