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Forest City Wants to Take Over Atlantic Yards B2 Construction

Things went from bad to worse for the stalled B2, the first of the modularly constructed Atlantic Yards towers, on Tuesday, when both of the site's developers sued each other simultaneously. (Technically, Skanska USA Building Inc. filed their suit 16 minutes before Forest City Ratner, but Forest City got the word out first.) Forest City Ratner's public relations offensive continued today, as CEO Mary Anne Gilmartin sent Skanska a letter offering to assume control of the factory that is producing the modules for the tower, out of "an obligation to the 157 workers who have lost their jobs because of the unauthorized, forced furlough that you, as managing member, have imposed on them." Forest City's PR team then forwarded a copy of the letter to the press. How magnanimous of them.
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461 Dean Street

461 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY