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Remembering Joan Rivers's Real Estate Legacy: Her Palatial Upper East Side Apartment and More

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Joan Rivers, queen of comedy and proud president of her condo board, has died at the age of 81. Brooklyn-born Rivers had been hospitalized since August 28, when she was rushed to the hospital after she stopped breathing during vocal cord surgery. Rivers was known around the world for her tart tongue, but there was one place she did not allow funny business: her condo board at 1 East 62nd Street. In memoriam, we revisited a 2012 Times article in which Rivers talked about her home and her role on the board:

1) On the design of her palatial triplex penthouse: "Louis XIV meets Fred and Ginger."

2) On using humor while on the board: "It's the only area where you truly can't joke around."

3) On being the president: She's the "scary lady upstairs."

4) On why she put her gilded home on the market for $29.5 million: "This is to placate my business manager. [...] [Buyers] have to come in with a bag full of money, otherwise we're not going to do it." The home had been on and off the market since 2009, when it was first listed for $25 million. The price was upped to $29.5 million in January 2012, and it was delisted in June 2013.

5) On why she wanted to be on the condo board: "I'm very much an A personality. I got involved just because I wanted things done right."

6) On her biggest accomplishment as a board member: She brought in a voodoo priestess to get rid of a ghost. "God bless her. A Jewish voodoo priestess."

7) On why she became president: "I care about the building. And I think that's why they just keep letting me be president of the board." Also, "no one wants the job."

One thing is for sure, whoever takes over at the helm certainly has big shoes to fill.
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1 East 62nd Street

1 East 62nd Street, New York, NY 10065