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$71.3M Park Avenue Pad Is NYC's Most Expensive Co-op Ever

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France's duplex at 740 Park Avenue actually sold for even more than $70 million, which means that less than three months after the record for the most expensive co-op sale ever was broken, it has been broken again. The sale hit public records this week (h/t Bloomberg), and billionaire Israel "Izzy" Englander paid a total $71.3 million, way over the $48 million asking price. That extra $1.3 million means that the sale snatches the most expensive title away from the penthouse of 960 Fifth Avenue, which broke the old record in June when it sold for an even $70 million. Before that, the record was held by a paltry $54 million sale at 785 Fifth Avenue. Oh, what a world we live in.

Keep in mind that Englander bought this place because he wanted a "pied-a-terre" for when his children and grandkids come to town. He lives just above this unit, which occupies the 12th and 13th floors, on the 14th floor. The brokers told Bloomberg that the insane final price was the result of a bidding war between "three very qualified buyers that were extremely interested" in the home.
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740 Park Ave

740 Park Avenue, New York, NY