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MoMA Architect's Modernist Townhouse Now 25% Cheaper

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Much like Paul Rudolph's 23 Beekman, the Edward Durrell Stone House at 130 East 64th Street is a modernist masterpiece built by a famous architect as his personal residence. And also like Rudolph's house, Stone's is having a surprisingly hard time finding anyone to buy it. After being listed for $10 million in November of 2013, the house has undergone a serious of precipitous price cuts — the asking price dropped to $8.875 million this March, the house was taken off the market in May, and now it has been relisted for $7.5 million. The brokers are hoping that the relatively low price (down to just over $1,500 per square foot) along with some color corrected photos will finally be enough to land a buyer for the landmarked modernist classic, rebuilt in 1956 with a unique concrete grille facade by Stone, the architect who designed MoMA. Meanwhile, the going rate for a three-bedroom penthouse in 432 Park is around $75 million, so who even knows what's happening anymore.

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