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More on the $139M Palace; Dwyane Wade's Wedding Venue

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All the latest from Curbed Miami, our outpost in the sixth borough...

1) Hillsboro Beach: The most expensive residential listing in the United States is an almost-complete $139 million classical palace in South Florida. The house is in the last phases of construction, calls itself Le Palais Royal, and is not in Palm Beach, or Miami Beach. It's in a little beachside town called Hillsboro Beach about halfway between the two.

2) Biscayne Bay: Miami's latest engineering marvel is a tunnel underneath Biscayne Bay connecting the MacArthur Causeway with the Port of Miami. Now the tunnel people have released a video of its construction in time lapse photography. If you ignore the "Hey, we did it, hooray!" bits, it's actually pretty neat.

3) Homestead: The biggest news of last weekend was the wedding of the Miami's Dwyane Wade and his foxy bride Gabrielle Union, but the wedding venue, a 'modernist' castle in a lagoon out in the middle of nowhere, was pretty gosh darn surprising too.
· Curbed Miami [miami.curbed]