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And the Neighborhood With the Most Rats in Manhattan Is...

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AddressReport, which is the handy website Rentenna morphed into recently, is committed to crunching the numbers on New York neighborhoods, blocks, and even specific buildings so that city dwellers are completely informed about what's happening in their area. Case in point: the company's latest map compiles the rodent complaints in Manhattan over the last 365 days. That includes sightings, "signs" of rodents (this must mean poop), bites (ouch), and conditions attracting rodents (giant piles of trash?). Anyway, with a whopping 681 complaints, the neighborhood with the biggest infestation is... the Upper West Side. It's followed by 545 in Harlem, 504 on the Upper East Side, 423 in Midtown, and 301 in East Harlem. Somehow, though, the Meatpacking District managed to notch zero complaints, which seems a bit suspicious given that clubs and restaurants there have got to producing refuse that attracts them.

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