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How Did This Huge Glass Townhouse Addition Get Approved?

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The neighbors have been upset for a while about City College's renovation of a limestone townhouse at 280 Convent Avenue in Harlem, and now we know why. Harlem + Bespoke got their hands on a rendering of the proposed glass addition to the townhouse and it is... something. Something, to be specific, not even remotely related to a limestone townhouse.

The addition was approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission "about a year ago," according to Harlem + Bespoke, and the circumstances under which it was approved may have been somewhat suspicious. Critics of the plan accused Congressman Charles Rangel, who was supposed to get the building named after him, of using his political clout to sneak the design through Landmarks. In a somewhat amusing twist, however, the building will be named after Colin Powell instead after the former Secretary of State donated $5 million to the college. Whatever actually happened here, this project has definitely been less above the radar than is probably warranted.
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