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This Williamsburg Map Will Probably Offend A Lot Of People

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The Judgmental Maps juggernaut tackled all of New York City in a map that marked different neighborhoods with their accompanying (and often hilarious) stereotypes. The newest cartographic innovation, which comes via comedian Will Nunziata, breaks down the neighborhood of wealthy hipsters and New York City's gentrification poster child: Williamsburg. Though it's somewhat less witty than the five-borough version, there are some pretty saucy ethnically-loaded labels like "Yup, More Jews" and "5 Latinos." But as for the assessments assigned to North Williamsburg—e.g. "Moustaches," "Hipsters With Really Rich Parents," and "'Artists'"—we must break it to Nunziata that residents of those areas are going to be too cool to care about the diss. Over to you, commenters. How accurate (or offensive) is this?
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