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Park Slope's Green Condo (Plus Tesla) Has Interior Pics

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The long-awaited Brooklyn Greenstone development at 709 Sackett Street in Park Slope garnered quite a bit of attention when it was announced that one of the two units for sale would come with a Tesla electric car. We've had some renderings, but now, as Greenstone puts the finishing touches on the eco-friendly garage conversion, the developer has revealed an inside look at the project, including pics of the triplex's courtyard/terrace, as well as interiors of the two-story penthouse.

Also, upon closer inspection of the ultra high-res photo sent to us by Greenstone, there appears to be a rendered copy of Playboy very visibly displayed on the coffee table in the living room shot.

In any event, 709 Sackett has two apartments. Unit 1 is a four-bedroom triplex with 3,222 square feet of interior space, plus a two-story courtyard/terrace (pictured), garage, and Tesla (not pictured). It's asking $6 million. Unit 2 is a four-bedroom penthouse with 1,781 square feet of interior space and 812 square feet of exterior space. It's asking $2.995 million. Green features include Marvin Energy Star windows, a low-emission Energy Star tankless water heater, zoned Energy Star HVAC system, and radiant floor heating

And here's a closeup of the Playboy in question. Unlike the Tesla, it's currently unclear whether the magazine will be included with the unit.

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