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Comment Of The Day

"Given the city's need for housing at all income levels, Mr. Urstadt's proposal certainly deserves consideration by the city and the state. However, the obstacles are less environmental than governmental and political. First, the Harlem River is a federal navigable waterway under the legal jurisdiction of the Corps of Engineers. Eliminating its designation would require an act of Congress. Second, assuming that Congress did de-designate the river, the State of NY would, after completing an EIS, need to approve any fill or platforming of the river. As absurd as it may be, since the demise of Westway more than 30 years ago, the NY State DEC has not approved any permit applications for substantial fill or decking in NY Harbor (Region 2). Making it happen requires political will—something sorely lacking in NY State for many decades."—jon [Big Ideas: Fill In the Harlem River]