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Preservationists Gingerly Move Embattled Picasso Curtain

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The contested 19- by 20-foot Pablo Picasso-painted stage curtain "Le Tricorne" that has been on display at the Four Seasons restaurant for the last 55 years has been moved. The painting's placement was called into question some seven months ago when Seagram Building owner/curmudgeon Aby Rosen claimed the brittle artwork needed to be taken down from the site so structural fixes could be made to the wall behind the painting. The move was completed by the New York Landmarks Conservancy, who gruelingly discovered the pretty priceless artwork was affixed to the wall with hundreds of staples (h/t NYT). Uh, whoa, that's about the farthest mounting method from appropriate, but no matter, their 40 hands removed "Le Tricorne" without incident.

Somewhat hilariously, NYP reports that curtain-hater Aby Rosen now claims that the painting isn't authentic and not worth the commotion it has caused because, he says, Picasso himself did no hands-on work on the piece. The curtain will now be restored and come to rest in the New York Historical Society. Look like Rosen will have to find something else to kvetch about.
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