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Rizzoli Bookstore Will Move Soul, Salvaged Furniture To NoMad

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Despite heart-breaking demolition porn and beautiful ceilings that could not be saved, the beloved, embattled Rizzoli Bookstore will live on. It just announced an official move to the St. James Building on Broadway, just west of Madison Square Park near 26th Street. The square footage will be the same—5,000—but it'll be all on one floor instead of three.

And despite losing some of of the charm of its old 57th Street location that impending condos killed, the new digs have 18-foot ceilings, plus "dark wooden bookshelves, the chandeliers, the sconces and the furniture" are all being relocated downtown. Bookstore execs actually spent quite a bit of time picking out the NoMad location, winnowing through a line-up of more than 150 other locations (which included ones in, gasp, Brooklyn). They even got focus groups involved. And thusly the area's transformation continues—in a good way.
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