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Inside The Explorers Club, Manhattan's Best-Kept Secret

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One would be hard-pressed to assume that behind the elegant Jacobean facade at 46 East 70th Street lies such a diverse collection of world-over artifacts owing to gut-wrenching stories of the building's celebrated members. The Explorers Club is a nonprofit born in 1904 from a few men's desires to create a space for likeminded thinkers in a great era of global exploration. What has come to pass is a society of men and women who transform mankind's relationships to the planet through boundary-pushing expedition, research, and thought. While the club is exclusive in its membership—card-holders include Sir Edmund Hillary, Neil Armstrong, and a slew of National Geographic photographers—the society is not stuffy about its accomplishments, rather eager to share. Following a hint from Supercompressor, who first toured the incredible collection, we were invited in for a looksee.

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