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Buyers at 185 York Are Still Waiting to Move Into Apartments

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Despite selling out in just seven weeks in 2012, the Vinegar Hill condos at 185 York Street are still unoccupied, and the owners have been waiting to move in for over two years. Moreover, the Department of Buildings has yet to issue a Certificate of Occupancy, prohibiting the owners from actually occupying the building, according to DUMBO NYC.
Back in 2013, Brownstoner reported on the state of uncertainty that the buyers have found themselves in, after a tipster claimed that "there was an issue with the standpipe which resulted in a failed inspection" and no Certificate of Occupancy issued. According to a DUMBO NYC reader who bought one of the units and has now been locked out for two-and-a-half years, he and his fellow buyers have been "starved of information."

He goes on to speculate:

The building sponsor seems to be deliberately holding up the closing of the building and we are unsure why this would be but it is causing distress to the prospective occupants. Our only conclusion is that the sponsor under-priced the units, hopes that we will all lose patience and cancel our contracts, so the units can be re-listed. This is of course only a supposition and we have no evidence that this is the case but we can come to no better conclusion at this point. When 185 York's 16 units first hit the market in 2012, the units were priced from $375,000 to $845,000.
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