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Alphabet City Building With 'Surreal Views' Will Look Like This

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A developer who is no stranger to putting up new stuff in the East Village is mid-construction on a six-story, seven-unit condo building on Avenue C between East 4th and East 5th streets. Natan Vinbaytel (of Vinbaytel Property Development) took over a two-story Jehovah's Witnesses structure and is adding four floors to it. In November, some floors had materialized, shrouded in scaffolding, and a rendering got posted on the construction site. But it was the wrong one. EV Grieve spotted the new rendering, as well as a few new details posted on Vinbaytel's website.

The condos, made up of four "one-bedroom suites," one "large two-bedroom suite," one 1BR penthouse, and one 2BR penthouse, will hit the market around July 1.

Also, there's a tiny bit of marketing babble, especially on the short description of the two-bedroom penthouse. Let's recall that it's on the seventh floor; meanwhile, there are apparently "surreal views" as well as access to the roof. The neighborhood is predominantly low-rises, so that statement is feasible if looking north, west, or south. But to the east, NYCHA's Lillian Wald complex will probably get in the way of any river views.

Head over the EVG for what the in-progress building looks like now.
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