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The Animal-Filled 'Ark' That Will Dock at JFK Sure Is Wild

Fear not, flyers: Saarinen's iconic TWA Terminal may never be co-opted into the world's grooviest hotel, but JFK has your back—at least when it comes to the comfort and ease of shipping horses, livestock, pets, and other animals. The airport will soon be home to the world's only privately-owned animal handling cargo terminal, an announcement that comes with some of the most bonkers renderings ever to grace the CurbedWire inbox. What's more is the 178,000-square-foot facility will be called The Ark—yanno, like that massive biblical thing which assured that New York City could forever have a festering population of rats.

The handling terminal is designed in part by Gensler and, frankly, sounds like a pretty sweet place to hang out,

...there is a large animal departure lounge, where horses for export have access to comfortable stalls, food and water. There is also an arrival area where the horses' vitals are taken before they are placed in individually climate controlled units equipped with bedding and natural light." There will also be an overnight pet resort run by Paradise 4 Paws. Now if only airport waiting areas were as accommodating.
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