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New York City's 14 Most Popular Buildings of 2014

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Curbed likes to occasionally check in with the fine people over at Property Shark to see which buildings in New York City are currently selling at the highest rate. There is some debate over which buildings are actually the "best-selling" or "more popular"—Are they the ones where the highest percentage of units have sold? The ones that have raked in the most money?—but if we were going by highest percentage, the list would just be a bunch of six-unit boutique developments that sold out, and if we were going by most money it would just be One57 and all those places. So, most overall units sold is the metric that seems to work. These are the most popular buildings. Popularity isn't always fair, as you may recall from high school.

14) The Atelier

Address: 635 West 42nd Street
Units Sold: 41
Median Price: $955,000
The Skinny: The 475-unit Atelier continues to sell at a respectable pace, even though it has had to sue one of its former owners for allegedly running a brothel out of his 41st-floor unit and all nine units on the 45th floor has been offered as a ridiculous potential combo ($2 million construction credit!). [All Curbed coverage; photo via Property Shark]

12) Greenwich Club

Address: 88 Greenwich Street
Units Sold: 42
Median Price: $830,000
The Skinny: Despite a brief Hurricane Sandy-induced hiccup, sales at the 452-unit 88 Greenwich have continued their marathon-like pace (the building was converted to condominiums in 2007) as of late, with another 42 closings this past year. [All Curbed coverage]

12) W Downtown Hotel & Residences

Address: 123 Washington Street
Units Sold: 42
Median Price: $1,531,188
The Skinny: Units are not particularly cheap in the Financial District's W Downtown, but 42 of them still managed to sell in 2014. Perhaps all those buyers were impressed that Jeremy Lin decided to rent in the building during the Linsanity of 2012. Or maybe it was the river views. [All Curbed coverage]

11) One Madison

Address: 23 East 22nd Street
Units Sold: 43
Median Price: $7,510,681
The Skinny: By far the most expensive building on this list, sales in One Madison this year included the quadplex penthouse that Rupert Murdoch bought for $57.5 million, and a full-floor unit that E*Trade CEO Paul Idzik bought for $14.5 million. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen also own an apartment there, which you can rent for $40,000/month. [All Curbed coverage]

9) Bay Club

Address: 2 Bay Club Drive
Units Sold: 44
Median Price: $477,000
The Skinny: If you're surprised to see a building in Bayside, Queens make an appearance on this list, just consider that this massive complex, located in the middle of over 13 acres of parkland, contains 1,037 condos. So, perhaps the fact that it sold 44 of them over the past 12 months is not actually all that amazing.

9) 99 John Deco Lofts

Address: 99 John Street
Units Sold: 44
Median Price: $711,423
The Skinny: The 442-unit, amenity-filled 99 John Deco Lofts seems to show up on this list every year. It was number three in 2012, number seven in 2013, and is tied for number nine this year, so put your money on a 10th-12th-place finish in 2015. [All Curbed coverage]

8) Manhattan House

Address: 200 East 66th Street
Units Sold: 45
Median Price: $3,125,000
The Skinny: The second priciest building on this list, and the only one north of Midtown, is the Upper East Side's 580-unit Manhattan House, which has experienced some legal troubles but still managed to unload 45 condos this year. [All Curbed coverage]

7) 15 William

Address: 15 William Street
Units Sold: 46
Median Price: $1,084,261
The Skinny: Things are apparently going well at the condo-turned-condo/rental-turned-primarily-just-condo-again building at 15 William Street (previously known as the William Beaver House; now just 15 William), as sales were robust this past year. This probably speaks to the growing residential desirability of the Financial District as much as anything.

6) The Vista

Address: 44-15 Purves Street
Units Sold: 48
Median Price: $602,840
The Skinny: One of Long Island City's many new luxury residential developments, The Vista sold 48 units in 2014, selling out in February, with the price per square foot for most of the units weighing in at just under $1,000. [All Curbed coverage]

5) 160 East 22nd

Address: 160 East 22nd Street
Units Sold: 65
Median Price: $1,868,479
The Skinny: This is the part of the list where buildings begin to separate themselves from the pack. The Toll Brothers' 160 East 22nd Street is part of a growing trend of large new condo towers cantilevering drastically over neighboring buildings. It extends 25 feet over the two-story townhouse next door, which may not be the most elegant-looking thing in the world, but the benefits are clear. It was able to include, and sell, a lot of units. [All Curbed coverage]

4) Woodside Terrace Condo

Address: 63-14 Queens Boulevard
Units Sold: 76
Median Price: $401,676
The Skinny: Out in Maspeth, Queens, sales continue to be strong at the Woodside Terrace Condo building, which unloaded 76 of its 96 units in one year. Thanks to much lower prices than Brooklyn and Manhattan a new semi-hip cachet, and a fair amount of new development, Queens certainly appears poised to increase its presence on this list in years to come.

3) 93 Worth Street

Address: 93 Worth Street
Units Sold: 79
Median Price: $1,573,196
The Skinny: After topping this list in the first quarter of 2014, 93 Worth sinks to third place for the year-end roundup. Somewhat surprisingly, it's the only Tribeca building to make an appearance compared to five developments in the Financial District. [All Curbed coverage]

2) The Jefferson

Address: 211 East 13th Street
Units Sold: 80
Median Price: $1,725,388
The Skinny: The Jefferson basically made a mockery of East Village history with its marketing campaign (they also had some obnoxious ads that said, "This is not your typical East Village apartment. Everything works!"), but buyers didn't seem to mind very much. All 82 of the units were in contract by December 2013 and 80 of them closed this year. [All Curbed coverage]

1) North Shore Towers

Address: 26910 Grand Central Parkway
Units Sold: 115
Median Price: $495,000
The Skinny: And the best-selling building of 2014 is, of course, located in... Floral Park, Queens? Okay, sure. The North Shore Towers, a three-building complex, opened in 1975 and went co-op in 1987 and is currently experiencing some kind of major resurgence. The Times described it, in 2011, as "City Meets Suburbs," if that helps explain anything. But perhaps the best explanation for the glut of resales is that it's still cheap and seems to appeal to everyone from first-time young buyers, to elderly folks, to families.

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93 Worth St

93 Worth Street, New York, NY 10013

Greenwich Club Residences

80 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10006

160 East 22nd Street

160 East 22nd Street, New York, NY

23 East 22nd Street

23 East 22nd Street, New York, NY

Manhattan House

200 East 66th Street, New York, NY

The Vista

44-15 Purves Street, Queens, NY