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The High Line Might Get Yet Another Big, Fancy Building

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Ziel Feldman's a busy guy. The HFZ Capital superior is in the midsts of developing a slew of buildings around the city, 11 Beach and 505 West 19th Street amongst them, with more projects barreling down the pipeline. The Daily News reports that the developer is moving onto another major undertaking, a One Beacon Court-inspired mega-development that will consume the entire block bounded by West 17th and 18th streets and Tenth and Eleventh avenues. Although plans have yet to be filed for the site, the Daily News says the developer plans to bring a similar "driveway-cum-courtyard" concept to the one seen at One Beacon Court to the new building, which may house ground-floor retail, a name-brand hotel, and condos. The structure may reach up to 400 feet, making it one of the tallest buildings in the relatively squat neighborhood.

HFZ Capital is in line to purchase the lot from the Edison family of New Jersey, who own and operate the block's parking lot and Manhattan Mini-Storage.
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