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See New York City Glow in the Dark From 7,500 Feet Up

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[All photos by Vincent Laforet]

"Let's just start off by saying this was the scariest helicopter 'photo mission' of my career," writes photographer Vincent Laforet on Storehouse. But, as evidenced by these jaw-dropping photos, it was "the most beautiful" mission, too. Laforet's helicopter took him 7,500 feet above Manhattan, "an unusually high altitude," so he could "capture the lines that are formed by the streets of New York at night." One pilot refused to do it, saying that "helicopters are not meant to live in that realm"—they were so high that they were above air traffic from all three New York airports—but it was worth it. "These are some of the most unique images that I have ever photographed of New York City in nearly two decades," writes Laforet. And now we can enjoy the view from solid ground.

· Gotham 7.5K [Storehouse]
· Vincent Laforet [official]