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Lenox Hill Townhouse with Pool, Two-Car Garage Wants $29M

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Even some virtually staged furniture (always weird) and, from the looks of it, a virtually filled pool can't distract too much from this Lenox Hill single-family townhouse's bevy of impressive features, which include, in some kind of order:
1) that pool
2) two-car garage with lift
3) dressing room with 15 (fifteen!) closets
4) elevator
5) over 10,000 square feet of space
6) sixth-floor roof terrace
7) et cetera
Pools and garages are all well and good, but it's that dressing room—visible only on the floorplan, tragically—that really stands out, because it seems like the kind of thing that exists solely for its owner to be able to brag about it. Technically, nobody needs a dressing room (getting dressed in one's bedroom is a failsafe and time honored tradition for 99 percent of us), but certainly no one needs a dressing room with 15 separate closets because that is ridiculous. Unless this townhouse doubles as a Banana Republic storeroom, there is no reason for that dressing room to exist. And yet, it does, and counts among the many reasons that this place is asking $29 million.

· Listing: 107 East 61st Street [Sotheby's, via Streeteasy]