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Here's the First Trailer for HBO's Robert Durst Documentary

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Andrew Jarecki's six-part documentary series on Robert Durst, estranged scion of one of New York City's most prominent real estate dynasties, is debuting on February 8 (8:00-8:40 p.m. ET/PT) on HBO, but in the meantime you can watch this one-minute trailer (and another largely similar half-minute trailer). Durst is infamous for being a suspect in three separate murder cases since 1982, one of which involved him admitting to decapitating a neighbor and dumping his body parts in a bay in Texas (he was acquitted). His younger brother, Douglas Durst, of the One World Trade Center-developing Durst Organization, has already given a preemptive interview to the Times in which he calls Robert "a true psychopath" and accuses him of killing a series of dogs. So, in other words, a pretty good documentary subject.
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