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Penthouse to Cantilever Over Neighbor in 14th Street Condos

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This is apparently a way that buildings are allowed to look now.

A new condo development that B+B Capital is bringing to the border of Chelsea and the West Village will rise between two ancient tenements and then, when it has cleared their heights, sprout three more floors (including a duplex penthouse) that hang over one of the neighboring buildings. The design, from the increasingly experimental ODA, may (okay, does) look strange now, but it could be more commonplace a few years down the line, as cantilevers have become a growing trend for luxury developers looking to squeeze out every last drop of square footage that zoning technically allows. 251 West 14th Street will join other cantilevering condo buildings such as 100 Norfolk (also by ODA), 41 East 22nd Street, 41 West 23rd Street, 160 East 22nd Street, and, perhaps most notably, 217 West 57th Street. All of those buildings cantilever over low-rises, however—the new West 14th Street one is the first we've seen over a six-story structure. Truly, no building is safe. (Safe, that is, from getting a bunch of money from developers in exchange for air rights.)

251 West 14th Street will replace a four-story building from the '20s, which the developers acquired last year for $7.5 million. It will contain 11 full-floor condos, with prices starting at $3 million. Sales are expected to launch in the fall.
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