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Eclectic Coral Rock Compound; Ocean Drive Bright Pink?

All the latest from Curbed Miami...

1) Coconut Grove: This rare coral rock house in the heart of Coconut Grove comes with lots of bohemian charm, with touches like a bed-sized skylight above the master bed, a funky staircase, and walls made out of prehistoric fossils.

2) Park West: Coming to one of Miami's next condo towers, a four-level 'Yacht Skyview Deck' full of entertainment and amenity areas on the building's roof, designed like an Italian yacht, in addition to the two other amenity levels further to the ground.

3) South Beach: If a current proposal before the City of Miami Beach turns into reality, the famed Ocean Drive could be elevated, painted a very bright shade of pink, and turned into something called a 'tabletop'. Here's why.
· Curbed Miami [miami.curbed]