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Southern Brooklyn's Tallest Tower Could Rise in Coney Island

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New York YIMBY spotted a new building application filed today that, if approved, would result in the tallest building south of Downtown Brooklyn. Developer Cammeby's International Group and SLCE Architects are gunning to replace a low-rise shipping center on Neptune Avenue with a 430-foot-tall building that would contain retail space on three lower levels with—wait for it—544 apartments above. For this part of the borough, that's tall; YIMBY notes that even though bigger-than-usual buildings are already in the works in Sheepshead Bay and Bath Beach, this planned development, located northeast of the aquarium and due east of pizza mecca Totonno's, trumps them all by 10 stories or more. Seems like the tall-tower action isn't limited to Manhattan, or even Downtown Brooklyn, anymore.
· 40-Story Tower, Tallest in Coney Island, Planned for Trump Village Shopping Center, 532 Neptune Avenue [NYY]