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Robert A.M. Stern's New Upper East Side Condos Start at $4.5M

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Name & Location 20 East End Avenue
Owner: Corigin Real Estate Group
Architect: Roberts A.M. Stern
Size: 43 units across seven stories
Prices: $4,495,000-$12 million, for now
Sales & Marketing: Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group

Classic (and classically expensive) architect Robert A.M. Stern's latest project to hit the market neatly encapsulates two real estate trends. 20 East End Avenue is A) part of the Upper East Side's new development boom, and B) one of the many residential projects to spring from buildings that were formerly nonprofits, who sold them to developers for the ca$h. Despite, or maybe because of, its location beside the East River, 20 East End Avenue is packed with amenities: there's a wood-paneled library with a New York City history collection curated by Stern himself; and a rare "motor court," or circular driveway, which is reminiscent of 19th-century buildings like the Apthorp and exactly the kind of vibe Stern's going for anyway. Listings for 10 of the 43 units just went live, with the "cheapest" being a fourth-floor 2BR/2.5BA for $4.5M and the most expensive being a 15th-floor four-bedroom with two terraces for $12 million. They're no $130 million penthouse, but the septuagenerian Stern is making his way there.

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20 East End Ave

20 East End Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10028