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Drone Video Explores City Landmarks; Playground Planning

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ALL OVER—Bronx-based photographer Victor Chu has created a video of the city's landmarks with images captured via drone. "There's been a couple of videos about New York City shot with a drone, but they always cover Manhattan. They never cover the Bronx and Staten Island and the other boroughs," Chu said, "They are neglecting the other wonderful parts about New York City." While Chu's scope may be larger, his soundtrack is similar to other aerial videos, so crank that volume down and watch on. [NYDN; official]

LOWER EAST SIDE—On January 7, the Parks Department will meet to discuss the future of the Henry M. Jackson playground located at the intersection of Henry, Madison, and Jackson streets. Community members are invited to express how they think the playground can be improved. The meeting will be held from 6-8 p.m. at the Educational Alliance's Manny Cantor Center at 197 East Broadway, 6th floor. [TLD]