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Two Rental Towers Rising Painfully Close to St. John the Divine

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An update from the most depressing real estate coup of the past few years: the two fugly rental towers being developed an arms reach away from the world's largest Gothic-style cathedral, St. John the Divine in Morningside Heights, are rising, and they are as horrifically close to the historic building as they promised to be. The cash-strapped church penned a 99-year lease of extra land on its campus to developer the Brodsky Organization, who is constructing two 14-story towers with 428 apartments between them along the cathedral's northern exposure. Field Condition visited the site to find that work has started to rise above ground level, and is already obscuring the building's lauded stained glass windows and flying buttresses. FC reports that the cathedral is receiving about $2 million a year from the developer for the space.

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