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Upper East Side Townhouse With A Stellar Garden Asks $18.6M

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The brokerbabble for this 20-foot wide Federal-style townhouse at 46 East 81st Street really lays it on thick. It's "elegant," "handsome," "extremely fine," "grandly proportioned," "comfortable and commodious," and has "one of the loveliest" gardens. Ok, that last point is spot on. The garden (really more of a large patio, since the whole thing is covered with slate) faces south and is surrounded by trellised walls, and looks like the perfect place to read The Secret Garden. The owners, some non-famous people named Peter and Diane Horan, tried to sell the house in 2010 for $13.5 million, but had no luck. Now that the market has gone bananas, they're trying again, for more money, obviously. The asking price is $18.6 million.

· Listing: 46 East 81st Street [Corcoran via StreetEasy]