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At Long Last, The AirTrain Will Go To LaGuardia Airport

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As LaGuardia Airport awaits its $3.6 billion renovation, here's some good news for the beleaguered domestic terminal: the state is planning to build an AirTrain that'll connect it to the 7 train and Long Island Rail Road stops near Citi Field. At a breakfast this morning, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the proposed rail link, which is in its earliest stages. He didn't state a completion date, but did say that the 1.5 miles of track would mostly run alongside the Grand Central Parkway. "We need a couple of months to work up the design and then have some real estimates as to how long it will take," Cuomo said, according to DNAinfo. The cost—about $450 million, according to the Times, would be covered by "existing funds."

The existing AirTrain serves JFK and Newark airports, but LGA has long been left in the proverbial public transportation dust (but for the M60bus). Not anymore. Guess we don't need to extend the N train, for it seems some of Cuomo's promises do come true. At least, they would come true five years from now, when Cuomo aides later said the train could be operational.
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—Photo via Port Authority