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NoMad's Virgin Hotel Will Be a Slim, Glassy, Cantilevered Mall

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The world's first Virgin Hotel just opened in Chicago, and boy, is it swanky. But that's to be expected when Richard Branson, a mogul of music, tech, aviation, space travel, and who knows what else, is behind the brand, right? So don't be alarmed at the first real renderings, first published by New York YIMBY, for Virgin Hotel #2, which is slated to take over most the block on Broadway between 30th and 29th streets, which currently houses a bunch of less than high-end shops. Designed by VOA Associates, we knew that it would be relatively tall for the area and have a cantilever. But here's the first look at the entire hotel, all 38 stories, and the mall-like chunk of retail shops slated for 100,000 square feet of space at its bottom. And thus NoMad's rapid transformation continues.

This is the block as it stands recently, according to Google Street View, on Broadway looking south from 30th Street.

Per the brand's official site, peppered with Branson's visage: "Our New York outpost will open in 2016 and additional locations under consideration include (but of course not limited to) Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Washington DC, London, Paris and others."

New York YIMBY has a good summary of all the construction in the immediate vicinity. Just to reiterate, NoMad better brace.
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