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Synagogue-Topping Condos to Hit the Market This Year

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In a new Daily News piece on the East Village's Adas Yisroel Anshe Mezritch Synagogue, which Jody Kriss is converting into three luxury condos (topping the building with a penthouse addition) with a smaller synagogue on the ground floor, the developer reveals a few more details: sales will launch in the fall, and Kriss is "planning to pay an annual maintenance fee to keep the shul running for 200 more years." Though some locals may find the conversion distasteful, without it, the synagogue, which has fallen into a state of disrepair and was shuttered six months ago, would not have survived. "Back when we started the construction, people would curse me out," Kriss told the Daily News. "But when they found out that we were preserving the synagogue, and not demolishing it, they wanted to shake my hand, instead."
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